Saturday, November 28, 2009

QUIZ - Are you a SELFISH Jerk?

  1. It's already Dec 23, Christmas is looming close. Your Christmas shopping includes:
    1. Gifts for everyone on your list at this cute flower shop in Lumsden! And a little something for the dog.
    2. S#@* Christmas is in 2 days?! I HAVE to stop binge drinking for at least 2 days.
    3. I keep finding lovely little things for myself, but I have bought a whack of gift certificates to dispurse.

  2. You've been invited to a Holiday Party at a co-workers home tonight. Do you:
    1. Show up late, semi-trashed; eat all their food and throw up in their plants? Oh the shame.
    2. Ring the bell holding a festive poinsettia for the host. Do I hear you humming "Santa Baby"?
    3. Cart in a forest of jello-shooter trees that you made yourself (with the kit from Lumsden Florist etc.)

  3. After going on the Holiday Home tour in Lumsden on Dec 5, you:
    1. Throw out ALL your families' treasured ornaments, replacing them with hot pink icicles and brown feathers. Sooo Diva!
    2. Donate old decorations to a needy organization and get an original wreath made at Lumsden Florist etc.
    3. Announce loudly that these homes are inferior to your own, then go back to your double wide and cry.

  4. It's your job to plan the company Christmas Soiree. You have planned:
    1. Dinner at the Bistro in Lumsden (that way I can sneak over and check out the fab flower shop that you keep hearing so much about!!)
    2. After careful planning: Limos will transport everyone through the scenic valley to Lumsden, where you will all have $50 to spend in the shops.
    3. You have a dinner planned at your epansive home, with cocktails, appies and live entertainment. Oh, and gifts for all. J

  5. Your family draws couples' names for gift buying. When asked what you and your honey want:
    1. Hmmm, well you are renovating your home, so you ask for this gorgeous mirror from Lumsden Florist etc.
    2. Your honey is out of town... You ask for them to make you Chocolate Cherry Port - your fave! I think Lumsden Florist has 1 left...
    3. Easy. His and hers Padraig slippers from that fun little flower shop!

  6. Your idea of a nice evening in during the holidays is:
    1. Jamming on a friends party, and staying in to watch Seinfeld re-runs on the tube. Hot chocolate in your new peek-a-boo snowman mug. Adorable!
    2. Inviting over a few close pals and have a pajama party amidst the tinsel and twinkling lights of the tree.
    3. Plan a movie night and eat drink and be merry with your special hunny. Maybe break out that new bottle of caramel massage oil from LF?

1: a-1 b-3 c-2
2: a-3 b-1 c-2
3: a-3 b-1 c-2
4: a-3 b-2 c-1
5: a-2 b-3 c-1
6: a-3 b-1 c-2

Under 9 Points:
You are so thoughtful, you almost make people sick – but in a good way! You sometimes do a more than is called for, which some people will take advantage of, so be careful. On the whole, you are a good friend and people like and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Get a spray for that rash on your back. Happy New Year!

10-14 Points:
You just love the middle of the road don'tcha? You always seem to put forth the epected amount of effort, while saving some time and energy for yourself. The REALLY selfless people will be the only ones who notice though. Afterall, you need time for yourself right? Otherwise you might get a rash too. Shudder. All the best and good luck with that H1N1.

15+ Points:
You're pretty much the most selfish person that I know of. There are other people on this planet you know. Hey - I know you're making fun of me behind that hospital mask! I told you I got the H1N1 shot. Its not like I have a rash or anything. Hellllloooo? I'm talking to you! If you could pause filing your nails for a couple seconds please: I just need to Thank you!

Thank you for all your continued support of Lumsden Florist etc.
Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Fresh New Year!

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