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Local Event Suppliers in/around Lumsden

Event Planning:
Imagine Event Planning, 306.533.9122 

The Natural Look, Lumsden; 306.533.6483
Last Mountain Photography;  306.725.4925
Ali Lauren, Lumsden;          306.535.1115


lumsden Hotel...306.731.2381
Hummingbird Manor B&B, Lumsden; 306.731.2235
Lumsden Riverpark Campground; 306.731.3294
Buena Vista B&B Spa, Buena Vista; 306.729.4364 
Craven Motor Inn, Craven; 306.731.3455

Fresh Flowers & Gifts:
Lumsden Florist etc. 306.731.2424

Entertainment & Lifestyle:
Chloe's Dream, Tarot cards, etc.  Regina Beach; 306.729.3039 
Jeff Gaye, horn player.  306.725.4599
Touch of Gold (barbershop quartet) Regina, 306.789.2272
Cat Matlock, artist, Lumsden; 306.731.3576
Jesse Lewis, hypnotist, Watson Sk, 306.287.3588
Last Mountain Photography; photo booth 306.725.4925

Wedding Dress and Alterations:
Sandy's Bridal Gown Rentals, Regina; 306.540.5099
Trina Bannerman, Lumsden; 306-731-3530

Cakes and Catering:
Maybe Just a Bite, Deer Valley; 306.731.2341
Make Mine Cake, Findlater; 306.638.4441
Valley Girls Catering, Lumsden; 306.596.7537


Fifth Avenue - Lorraine Kainz, 306.781.4733

Travel Agents:
Tammy Prost TPI Travel: 306.530.3841