Friday, October 27, 2017

3 Fastest Ways to Kill a Tillandsia (Airplant)

  1. Not enough water – you should fully submerge & soak them 1-2x per week for roughly 20 minutes, shake off excess water and air dry.
  2. Too Much Water in the wrong places – misting often allows water to pool in the “armpits” and can cause rot
  3. Too much sun – these are tropical plants and like heat and HUMIDITY, which is in short supply in sask. If it is in a hot, dry location, more watering is required, or better yet, move it out of the glaring summer sun rays

Also, if you want your airplant to FLOWER and HAVE BABIES, you should soak it in fertilized water every other week. (bromeliad solution, or Miracle Grow at 1/4 strength)

Good luck!

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