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Jenny in Lumsden Sk:
I just proved that Isagenix does work!  After my 30 day cleanse, Im down several inches and 20lbs!  I followed it to a "T", and my results most certainly prove it. I feel better then I have my whole life. I've tried so many diets to lose my extra weight, I never lost even a third of what I've lost with Isagenix.  It was easy, and I feel like a million dollars!  I just went from a size 34 jean to a size 29 all in 30 days! I Even saved money through out the month while on Isagenix, I've never realized how much money I had spent on food, drinks, and eating out all the time.  Isagenix has opened my eyes to a whole new world, a much brighter and lighter world, and I'm loving it.  The only bad thing I'd have to say about Isagenix is, the condition of my bedroom right now, it looks like a tornado went through it, all my Too Big Clothes thrown all about, to make room for new smaller clothes, and yes, shopping for clothes is now fun, compared to a torture chamber like before. I feel great when people see me now, and comment how great I look. This has been by far the best summer ever!

Rachel in Lumsden Sk:
For me Isagenix has made it easy to make healthier choices. I have struggled with weight my entire life and for the past 4 years the scale has only gone up, until now. The 30 day cleanse system is very straight forward and so easy to follow, it was almost like magic as the weight fell away. Weight I had struggled with unsuccessfully for years now. I can't get over how easy it is, and how AMAZING I feel when I am using the products. I recently lent a friend some energenix to help with her hang over. She was amazed at the difference, it made. Little things is what makes the impression on people it seems. I would love to pass on the gift of Isagenix to anyone who is ready to make a positive change.  I have now completed 3 30 day challenges over the course of 9 months (spacing them out) and I have shed 35 pounds!  I feel fanatastic - you will too!

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