Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weddings: To Theme or not to Theme?

Besides being fun to plan, theme weddings are becoming very popular.  Here are some themes that we really like.

           Watch for * = available at Lumsden Florist etc. 


Country Fair

Casual setting, usually outdoors, under a big event tent*, decorate with paper lanterns*

- Hot dog stands and candy apples amidst ring toss and dart games

- Favours: small honey jars with custom labels*, or handmade soap with your favourite scent and custom labels*

- Have guests toss air popped popcorn in lieu of rice


Fresh Garden or Lakeside Cottage

- Line paths with ambience: using paper lunch bags or recycled 2L bottles with tops cut off; fill to 1/3 with sand and nestle in lit votive.

- Prop your old canoe onto its side, fill with ice and Voila - you have your bar half ready!

- Centrepieces: collect driftwood and stones from the lakeshore.  OR handmade birdhouses* which you can auction off!  OR try potted herbs or small plants*

- Set straw bales around in clearings and under trees for sitting space.  Cover with bright coloured blankets and quilts.


Vintage Vanity Fair 

  - Hit second hand shops for fun classic diva accessories: Cigarette holders, half veiled hats, shawls, boas... Have handy for guests to use.

- Feathers! On everything: cake, in hair, with flowers. Use feather boas as garland and piled as centrepieces.*

- Flowers can be anything, but the full, imperfect garden roses look sooo good with their own half veil.*

- Think: old Coca Cola bottle machines with glass bottles cokes on hand, and of course, champagne darling!


Modern Zen

- Zen in peaceful, and relaxing. Choose colours which are quiet yet modern: pale blue or cream with espresso.

- Centrepiece ideas abound: single, simple bamboo stems* OR a tall vase of curly willow* OR floating candle orchid vases seen here.*

- Location can be either outside with groomed rock or sand garden accents OR inside with elements of nature brought in.

- Have your bridesmaids hold simple paper parasols* in lieu of flowers

- Line walkways with a trail of rose petals* or river stones*


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