Tuesday, July 27, 2010

QUIZ: Are you High Maintenance?

   1 – It’s the first nice weekend all summer.  You plan to:
A)     Dunno, hit the lake with the girls, enjoy some sun and surf!
B)     LuLu Lemon is having a sale – So what if its 2 hours away and you don’t have a car!?  Make your beau cancel his plans and drive you!
C)     I’m pulling an extra shift @ work for some extra cash.
D)     Hmmm, maybe I’ll grab some friends and check out the cool shops in Lumsden.

2          2 - You have been invited to a friend’s cabin for the weekend.  Your first question is:
A)     Is there running water?  Does it stink?
B)     What can I bring??
C)     Is there a blow dryer there?
D)     Can we stop in Lumsden Florist etc. for some frozen shot glass molds!?

3         3 -  Suntanning.  Your opinion?
A)     Wrinkles = gross
B)     Everyone looks better with a tan
C)     Tanning beds are great – no bugs!!
D)     Who has time to tan?

4          4 -  Your perfect vacay would be:
A)     Eclectic Bed & Breakfast in Lumsden, tour the shops, have a massage and enjoy the view.
B)     5 Star Luxury.  Room Service.  In room Couples Massage.
C)     A remote campsite with good fishing, canoeing and no one around to disturb the quiet.
D)     Vegas!  Or New York!  Bright lights, big city fun.

5          5 -  After work on a Friday night you’re hoping for a quiet night.  However, your roomy has invited people over for a last minute party and BBQ.  Do you:
A)     Empty some chips and salsa into bowls, and grab a couple bottles of your fave wine that you brewed yourself – Thanks Lumsden Florist!
B)     To hell with this!  Run a hot bath with bath melts from Lumsden Florist and lock yourself into the only bathroom.  Take that party peeps!
C)     Bow out and head to a girlfriends 4 a nice relaxing night.
D)     Hello!?  Lets make this a pool party  - Canon Ball!!

6          6 -  You find yourself on an un-planned (unprepared) beach day with friends.  Do you:
A)     Well, my underwear is a matched set, so no one will know its not a bikini.
B)     Allow my friend to lend me a bikini while cringing at the thought of borrowed bottoms the whole time
C)     Insist a shopping trip to Lumsden for necessities.  I am so NOT wearing someone else’s outdated suit.
D)     Suggest we go to a quiet secluded beach and do a little skinny dipping

7          7 -  Your Grandmother is laying a guilt trip on you.  She wants you to donate a precious summer weekend to help roof her house.  You figure:
A)     Duh, she’s my Grandma.  I’ll tell my brother that Grandma needs his help.  I’m not cancelling my outta province shop trip.
B)     Complain bitterly to anyone who’ll listen.  But you go and drop many hints of birthday gifts all weekend long.
C)     These hands do not do manual labour!  Has she lost her mind?  Time for Shady Pines maybe.
D)     Dial 306-533-6032 and hire BRIMMER & CO. CONSTRUCTION to do it.  You’ll even go halvsies with her.  Why not pay someone who knows what they’re doing to do it?

8          8 -  A friend is having a holiday wedding this summer.  She’s asked you to look after house and yard. You say:
A)     For Sure!  You even get them a gift of matching Padraig Slippers from Lumsden Florist etc.
B)     You’re a little miffed that you weren’t asked to be a bridesmaid, so you accept and relocate her bedroom set in the living room and vice versa.
C)     Tell her to find another chump.  You’ve got plans baby!  Yard work…(shudder)
D)     Accept however the yard suffers somehow.  Those sprinklers should come with instructions.

9          9 -  Your beau is taking you on a drive to the pretty Qu’Appelle Valley.  Do you:
A)     Head to Lumsden, hitting all the fun little shops – especially the funky flower shop, they have EVERYTHING, and so much is made locally.
B)     Stop frequently, picking wildflowers along the roadside.  While enjoying a delicious lunch, you have Lumsden Florist professionally arrange your flowers for you.
C)     Tour all the Market Gardens and stuff yourself full of fresh veggies!
D)     Keep the AC on, windows up.  There are bugs out animals out there – Yech.

1          A) 3      B)1       C)4       D)2     
2          A) 1      B)4       C)2       D)3
3          A) 1      B)3       C)2       D)4
4          A) 3      B)1       C)4       D)2
5          A) 3      B)1       C)2       D)4
6          A) 2      B)3       C)1       D)4
7          A) 3      B)4       C)1       D)2
8          A) 4      B)3       C)1       D)2
9          A) 2      B)4       C)3       D)1

9-14 Points
            I kinda doubt you get invited to many campouts.  Your life is orderly, scheduled and precise.  You are well groomed and know what you like.  People might find you a little hard to take – but who cares?  You can enjoy unplanned chaos now and again, like once every three years…

15-25 Points
            You’re friends and family know that you are up for almost anything.  You’ll try anything once - almost.  You are at home with yourself and you are able to adjust to most situations. 

26+ Points
            Guys love to date you.  You love the simple pleasures in life.  Nachos, beer and a game on TV – right on! You’re probably a tom boy, but you can definitely glam up and dazzle anyone in your path. 

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