Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lumsden Duck Derby 2010

Despite the cool weather, the Duck Derby was a great success.  The winner of the $20,000 duck was a resident of Regina Beach if I heard correctly.

Our flower car took part in the parade, which had more spectators than I expected and sorry kids, we ran out of candy halfway through.  Next year!

The arts and crafts booths were crazy busy as well.  Lots of locals selling handcrafted hats, jewelry, doggie treats, people treats, quilts and offering other various services.  I did notice the "Fortune Teller" Angela Doyle was very busy, along with the Shiatsu massage lady.

Among the food vendors, BRIMMER & CO. CONSTRUCTION  had a rocking BBQ booth featuring an Ultimate Duck Berger combo, which was a hotdog on a cheeseburger - very delicious actually!!

Come out for the Scarecrow Festival on October 2 and see what this fun little town has to offer!!

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