Friday, May 13, 2011

CYBF Photo Shoot

So - we won Mentor of the Year AWARD, and had a photo shoot compliments of CYBF.  Look Matters in Regina took the photos.


And... the BLOOPERS: (which are my favourite!)

I just drank two pots of coffee... and painted the walls, swept the coolers, made 17 arrangements, watered all the plants, ran a marathon - in 5 minutes!  What can I do for you?!

Soooo, what is it you wanted???

I think I just made a stinky...  Think the photographer smells it?

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, what was I doing just now?

Don't you touch my coffee lady.

This one's for you SARA!! 

Come any closer and I'll scratch your eyes out!

You talkin to me?!

Thats just FANTASTIC! Yippee-doo!

Fun times in the shop being silly....

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  1. Rach, the pictures are amazing and you look SOOOO great. Way to go.