Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meet our staff

Jordan Cz - Take-Over Superstar - seriously epic.
Quick background:
- Grew up on a farm
- graduated from lumsden high in 2010
- currently trying to learn the art of flower whispering. 

my cat Geillis
- long walks on the beach
- shopping!

Favourite Flower:
Hydrangeas and birds of paradise

Ginny McGregor - Weekday Morning Covergirl Extraordinaire
Quick background:
- married for 34 (happy) years to Norwood
- raised 3 girls who are all married and have blessed Ginny with 3 adorable grandkids (and another one on the way in May!)

- decorating, shopping and travel
- working at Lumsden Florist because it combines her love of people and finding that "perfect" item for them

Favourite Flower:
- freesia for its delicious scent!

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