Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2013

Hard to believe another year has flown by!  These are the fun new items that will delight:

Jordan Suggests:

  1. JINX REMOVING SPRAY ($12)- Removes Jiinxes, hexes and curses.  Smells like musk and magic!  Instruction booklet included
  2. HEAD MASSAGER ($6.50)- Spine tingling bliss awaits!  You HAFTA try this!!
  3. MONTHLY STANDING FLOWER ORDER ($25+)- Set this up for the special person who has EVERYTHING.  You tell us how much to spend each month, and we deliver!

Ginny's Picks:
  1. TEA FORTE ($16+)- Wrap your hands around a steaming cup of the very best teas out there!  Lots of different flavours in stock, including sample packs, loose leaf, teapots, steeping cups
  2. ICE SKATES ($19)- These lifesize winter accents are grey felt & silver painted wooden blades
  3. PADRAIGS ($39-95)- I LOVE these!  I am buying them for everyone I know

Rachel Recommends:
  1. PADRAIGS ($39-95)- these woolen gems are sooo popular!  Canadian made, machine washable, wear em inside and out.  I have had mine for 8 years.
  2. COMB HONEY ($12)- made directly in the ring and then capped for sale.  Couldn't be more natural!  Made by Qu'Appelle bees
  3. FRESH WREATH or SWAG ($65+)- Aromatic fresh winter greens made to order in your preferred accent colours.  Include pine cones, ribbon, ornaments, wire, wool, faux berries, branches - you name it!

Seans's Picks:
  1. GURGLE POTS ($45)- brightly coloured ceramic pitcher that really gurgles as it pours!
  2. TERRARIUMS and SUCCULENT BOWLS ($49-89)- low maintenance, air purifying, and they are cool to look at.  Put them outside in the summer and bring them inside for the cooler months
  3. SNOWMAN CENTREPIECE ($69+)- Made of fresh flowers, these cheerful guys delight everyone.  We can make them in your accent colours to match your holiday decor

Jordan's epic choices of awesomeness:

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