Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Tea Forte

Some of our new flavours:

Caramel Nougat

A tantalizing tea with the taste of sweet creamy caramel and toasty roasted hazelnut with a buttery finish. A perfect complement to post-dinner conversation, or as a delightful cup anytime. Enhance with a splash of milk. Caramel Nougat Caramel Nougat

Peach Rhubarb Preserve
This organic rare white tea brews up all the bounty of a summer harvest. Savory rhubarb and the sweet taste of lush peaches are blended with fragrant, floral hibiscus. This cup sings with delight. Refreshing iced.

Blueberry Merlot

Deep taste of succulent summer-sweet 

blueberries with a wisp of sage to 

heighten an excellent cup. Corkscrew 

not required. 

Some new Products:

Iced Tea 
Iced Tea

Flash-Chilled Refreshment All one needs to steep authentic iced tea. Infuser and sample 

pack of teas available in our shop!


Cocktail Infusions

The Collection includes three Lemongrass Mint, three Lavender Citrus and two Silkroad Chai Spirited Tea™infusers.  Recipe booklet included.

Bergamont Shooter
1 Lavender Citrus infuser
3 oz vodka

orange wedge
-  Place infuser in glass.
-  Pour vodka over infuser and steep 2-3 minutes.
-  Add infused vodka into a shaker with ice, shake vigorously.
-  Strain into 2 shot glasses.
To drink: Take the shot and follow with a bite into the orange wedge.
Mixologist: TEA FORTÉ

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